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We at Jeeves Driving School have kept our service charges at a reasonable level. So, come and be a part of our great initiative where our main focus would be to make smarter and safer drivers of modern times.

It’s never been easier to get the skills and safe driving knowledge you need to pass your tests and get your licence. We provide professional, patient, friendly and affordable prices driving lessons in Perth, so you can learn without the stress and hassle.  Our driving instructors have several years of experience in this domain and are quite enthusiastic about providing the best driving lessons to ensure you drive  safely & with confidence.
Find your course and learn to drive with Jeeves Driving School, the professionals.

Services at our driving school encompass the complete training. You can choose the top quality deals in the area when you are dealing with us. We will make it a point that when you pass from our Institute you become a confident and responsible driver.

Corporate Driver Training

Corporate driving training is a special training where people do not have to take the regular classes or can take the classes in between the office hours. There are corporate memberships as well, where the office sponsors the driving training and these come at a much affordable rate.

Teen Driver Education

Teenagers are rather restless in their approach and that is what makes driving training tough for them. However, with the proper guidance and training, we will make sure that the teens do not rash or drink drives. There are special classes for them as well.

Adult Driver Education

Aged people lose the capability to keep things in mind and therefore, we take a much slower process to train them. We usually repeat classes in order to help the adult people understand the important aspects. However, this is not only for the aged people but also for the adult people who are above eighteen.

Road Test Services

When you take the driving course you will have to check out the road testing service as well. This is what is taught in our driving school. Your experience matters when you have the ability to drive on the road. Therefore, the road test service is an important aspect.


You will be handed over with a learner’s license so that you are able to take the car training. This only happens when you pass the in-class training. This involves understanding the road sign, the traffic light, and the indicators.

Learners Permit Services

After you pass the in-class training you will be given the on car training and that includes learner’s permit so that you can hit the road, but with the help of an expert driver right beside you. This is one of the most crucial parts of the driving training.

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